REALTOR®’s must put their client’s interests before their own. IT’S THE LAW!

The laws around the professional relationship you have with your REALTOR® are laid out in both common and statute law. In British Columbia these laws are defined in the common law of “Agency” and Provincial Statute law in the Real Estate Services Act.


If you have been involved in a real estate transaction in which the real estate licensee or brokerage may have acted improperly, I always recommend calling the Managing Broker to try and resolve it that way first. Failing that, you may wish to contact the Real Estate Council to find out about filing a complaint.


Examples of matters that the Real Estate Council will investigate:
Mishandling of deposits
Concealing property defects
Unauthorized signing of documents
Unwritten guarantees to resell a property used as an inducement to do business
Secret commissions
Professional misconduct including incompetence and conduct unbecoming of a licensee.


Real Estate Council of BC Website:

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